Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Making time for our husbands

My husband and I have been married for eight months now, but have been together for over five years. We have a two and a half year old little girl and is currently trying for another. Everyday is a new challenge...ever since I can remember all I have ever wanted was to get married and have a family, and to take care of my families needs. Since March of this year Ive been a stay at home mom and wife. My day begins by waking up and giving my husband a goodbye kiss before he leaves for work. Then I get dressed and wait for our daughter to wake up and then I get her feed and dressed. During the day I clean, do laundry, play with my daughter and teach her shapes, numbers, ABC's, etc. pay the bills, grocery shopping, cook dinner, clean up after dinner, give my daughter a bath, get her to bed, and time I do all that I'm lucky if Ive got an hour to spend with my husband and get some peace and quite to myself. Time all this is done I'm so tired that all I can think about is my head hitting the pillow and going to sleep, but then of course my husband has other ideas and I'm just so tired. Then my husband thinks that I don't have time for him any more or I'm not interested in making love to him. In reality its just that I'm to tired and I just want to go to bed. Our husbands don't have any idea what its like to be us, but then us wives don't know what its like to be in our husbands shoes. So Ive come to realize that I need to as a wife give my husband the attention that he deserves because without him I wouldn't be able to be at home with our daughter. I believe that all of us wives need to try to make sure our husbands know that we haven't forgotten their needs as well. So tonight show your husbands or other half the love and attention he has been aching for, and show him you still have that wild side in you.